Thursday, January 1, 2009

No Looking Back, CEO Insights, and My Interview with Barbara

Happy New Year!

I was planning on writing a “Best of Great Leadership” post, but even though I’m off from work for 11 days, I couldn’t seem to get to it. There’s been an awful lot of snow to shovel, and I had to change the smoke alarm batteries.

Laurie Ruettimann isn’t writing one either, as a way to protest the status quo. Sounds good to me; that’s better than my lame excuses.

A much more ambitious team of students from the ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad, India have launched a new Business and Strategy journal call The CEO Insights. This new venture was launched in order to fill the gap between the way students think and the way they are expected to act in the corporate world. The idea is to provide a firsthand perspective of the corporate world to students. They also want students to hear the stories of entrepreneurship from budding entrepreneurs. This is the first website of its kind in India.

I’ve agreed to help them out by contributing articles and serving as an advisor. I admire their initiative. Nowadays, it’s almost an MBA requirement to have started a few businesses before you graduate. This should be a great way to gain some hands-on business experience.

Good luck Sandeep and Dheerraj, who knows, you could be the Mark Zuckerberg or Chad Hurley!

And no, I wasn’t really interviewed by Barbara Walters. But I was interviewed by J. William Tincup over at his JPIE blog. I didn’t cry.

Check it out. I’ve been enjoying reading all of the interviews with some of my favorite human capital (errr, HR) bloggers.


CherryPie said...

Happy New Year to you too :-)

The CEO Insights said...

Thanks for the wishes and Happy New Year to you and all the readers.

Laurie said...

This made me smile. I love it when you buck the system!!

Your career advice guide said...

Students starting ventures to help other students... This is a very novel concept. It does not only make learning easier, but also makes it easier for students to reach out to other students and biggies from the corporate world.

The CEO Insights said...

Thank you so much...we plan to take it forward in a much bigger way...

will look forward to the continued support..