Friday, November 14, 2008

SmartBrief Rocks and the November 12 Carnival of HR

Here’s a couple of leadership development resources for you:

SmartBrief on Leadership.
I learned about this free newsletter a few months ago when a Great Leadership reader left a comment saying they found my blog on SmartBrief.
News to me.

I checked it out, loved what I saw, and signed up for their free newsletter. I have it delivered to my workplace email on a daily basis, and unlike a lot of the junk I sign up for, actually find myself looking forward to reading this one.

Here’s a pretty accurate description from their website:

SmartBrief on Leadership challenges conventional wisdom and delivers actionable insights daily. Our editors become your personal research assistants, handpicking, distilling and disseminating the best, most useful leadership stories from a wide range of sources.

We deliver hard-to-find articles you might not otherwise see to your desktop (and blackberry) before most people have even had breakfast.
In other words, we do all the research...and you get the innovative ideas you need to lead.

I was pleased to see they picked up another one of my posts yesterday, New Research on Causes of Executive Failure. It’s sure nice to get those reader spikes now and then.

Go here to sign up. I think you’ll like it.

2. The latest version of the Carnival of HR is up, hosted by Alison at Ask a Manager. It’s a collection of 26 posts from the HR and management blogging community, including my own, A Practical Guide for Developing Leaders.

The next Carnival, on November 26, will be hosted by Rowan Manahan at Fortify Your Oasis.

Also, I’ll be hosting the next Leadership Development Carnival right here on December 6th. See the submission form on the sidebar for guidelines and if you’d like to submit a post.

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Jeff said...

I love smartbrief. I think I can four or five a day and always the best quality stuff from the internet.