Monday, November 3, 2008

My Hard Drive is Dead!

My hard drive died yesterday. It’s totally corrupted, kaput, fried, toast, nuked.

I also lost ALL of my data – files, pictures, email folders, contact information, music, programs, EVERYTHING. Damn.

Oh, but surely you have a backup system, you must be asking yourself?

Duh! No.

Well, let this be a painful lesson to all of you: you should get one of those external hard drive thingies and back up your files on a regular basis.

You should also download the system restore files when you get a new computer. You know, those operating system programs that used to come with your computer on a disk? They don’t anymore.

Good thing my bargain ACER is still under warranty (I just bought it in March). After spending half my day on the phone with tech support, they’re going to send me a new hard drive. Swell. Another lesson: I’m getting a Mac next time.

Oh, here’s another tip for you: be nice to your company’s IT folks. Our IT guy did the testing for me and is going to install my new hard drive and OS on his own time. What do you think would be a good way to thank him? Would cash be tacky?

Fortunately, I can still access my email and the Internet remotely, so Great Leadership will limp along until I get my computer back.

If you’ve submitted anything to the December Leadership Development Carnival prior to 10/27, it’s gone, so please resubmit a more recent post.


Sami said...

My sympathies on the lost data. That, in technical terms, sucks.

However, a couple of points:

1) Look into online backup/storage services (like Amazon S3 via e.g. JungleDisk) Not only are the more convenient than an external hard drive, they offer better protection for your data (think what a fire will do to your external disk).

2) Have you checked with any disaster recovery service? Depending on what's wrong with the disk, it's usually possible to recover all or most of the data at a fairly reasonably price (a few hundred dollars max).

Dan McCarthy said...

Sami -
Thanks! I'll look into both of those.

Anonymous said...

IT gift suggestions food/sweets/spirits and/or movie tickets. I don't think cash is appropriate.

Eclecticity said...

My sympathy Dan. I got a huge external drive and I've been fairly regular about backing up work PC, Laptop and Home PC.

It happens to the best of us.

I think if you google "remote storage / backup services" you will find something.

I recall hearing something on the radio that for less than $100 per year it backs up stuff automatically and puts it on a server "out there" to be retrieved when your hard drive blows.

Sucks I know.

Dan McCarthy said...

E -
Thanks. Yes, I'm leaning towards the service.

Talentedapps -
Good ideas. My wife makes the best choclate chip cookies in the universe.

Waugust said...

You're in my world Dan (technology) and I have my computing feet firmly planted in both the PC and Mac worlds.

Bottom line, when the ___ really hits the fan (hard disk crash), you are on your own no matter whose operating system you're using.

You know all the barn door closing steps that one should take; steps I assure you few do until, as you, they've seen that horse's data hind end heading down the road.

But only once. More than that and it becomes "user error."

James Higham said...

Surely you had a back up disk?

Dan McCarthy said...

James -
I surely did not.

Waugust -
I've been asking people at work how many back up - and few do, even IT types. But you're right - I sure will now.

CherryPie said...

I am sorry to hear about that. I hope you back up an running at full strength soon.

Shannon said...

Hi Dan - I just joined your blog group and am nearly on it everyday now. I was hired to create a leadership program for our organization and have found your blog extremely helpful.

Onto your hard drive husband just so happens to do data recovery. He has been extremely helpful to many friends and family in recovering their data. Please let me know if you are interested and I can send you his contact information.

Best of luck and thanks for your wealth of information!

Dan McCarthy said...

Shannon -
I'm glad your using the information. That's what I like to hear.

Thanks for the offer. That's very considerate of you. I've had the disk checked, and have already sent it in to be replaced. While it's a pain, it's nothing I can't live without.

Michael Ray Hopkin said...

Dan, I hope things are back on track with your computer. About a year ago I started storing things like copies of my blog posts and other important documents on Google docs. It's not quite up to MS Word yet, but it works pretty well.

Good luck getting everything restored. -Michael

Dan McCarthy said...

Michael -