Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The October 29th Carnival of HR

Welcome to the latest edition of the Carnival of Human Resources!

The Carnival of HR is collection of 25 recent HR articles written by some of the best HR bloggers from around the world. The tradition was started by The Evil HR Lady and is now hosted by a different blogger every two weeks.

This edition of the Carnival, hosted by Great Leadership, takes on a Halloween theme. It’s a frightening collection of horror stories guaranteed to scare you into improving your company’s bottom line performance through better HR practices.

So turn up the lights, don’t read these alone (share them with others), and be sure to read every one of them in order to scare off vampire lawsuits, werewolf managers, and zombie employees.

There’s no way to prioritize these, they’re all TREATS, so I’ll just list them in the order I received them.

We’ll start with Revisiting the HBR 2002 paper “Everything I Know about Business I Learned from Monopoly" , posted at The Emerging Role of the Learning and Development Consultant. This post draws parallels from the principles of great game design to engaging leadership.

Next, Nina Simosko discusses the benefits of "hands-off" management wherein the whole organization or business unit is engaged, working in synchronicity and moving cohesively towards a clearly articulated goal.

The Cranky Middle Manager gives us Two Faces of Leadership, looking at the upcoming US elections to discuss what makes a good leader.

The Carnival’s founder, The Evil HR Lady, answers a reader’s HR horror story about a tuition policy problem.

Incentive Intelligence advises us to give our employees permission with Permission-Based Management. Now that’s a scary thought.

Jon Ingram’s Strategic HCM Blog writes about banking bonuses, ROWEs and the need to manage behaviours in a post called Would a ROWE get The right results.

HR Observations terrifies us with What the Future of HR Looks Like in 2009.

Compensation Force tells us: “(Hey Leaders!) Communication is Critical in Tough Times”.

Three Star Leadership gives us Abolish the performance review. Dr. Samuel Culbert offers a new and different, but wrong-headed, idea for changing the way companies do performance appraisals. Wally Bock is for getting rid of the current performance appraisal system, but not Dr. Culbert's way.

Art Petty on Management scares us with In Search of A Quantifiable Return on Leadership Development.

Gautam Ghosh, management consultant guru, gives us a treat with Going Cross Functional.

Strategic Workforce Planning is back in the Carnival, with Will the Election Impact your Workforce.

Fellow Bloghound Flip Chart Fairy Tales gives us a post for our UK readers, but it also has generic appeal in that it is about leaders staying within their comfort zones and creating crises.

The Pennsylvania Labor and Employment Blog weighs in with Employer's Guide to the Election.

i4cp gives us Fear and loathing in Atlanta, part 1.

Managing Leadership offers up some deep insights on leadership with Showing Leadership.

Simplicity at the other side of complexity is in search of a “sharp” employee value proposition that is different from (and perceived to be different from) what other companies are offering.

McArthur’s Rant surveyed LinkedIn readers and put a presentation on Slideshare together called a LinkedIn view of the credit crunch.

The Career Encouragement Blog asks us, “What are you scared of”? Now that’s very appropriate for this Halloween theme, nice job.

Here’s a perfect post from The Engaging Brand, What is perfection?

Maximize Possibility responds to a passionate post I wrote with Four Employee Engagement Drivers of Passion for One’s Job.

Are you interested in discovering your employees’ most serious complaints?
If so, read all about it at the Human Resources Blog , An Employee Complaint Is a Gift.

Here’s Advice from a Moron: Self-Deprecation Matters, from Inflexion Advisors.

All Things Workplace invites HR to the table, with Why This Is An Important Moment For HR.

And just sneaking in past the deadline is Fortify Your Oasis, with How Not to Conduct a Selection Interview.

I hope you enjoyed the Carnival!!

The next HR Carnival will be November 12th, hosted by Ask a Manager.

Also - I’ll be hosting another Leadership Development Carnival on December 6th.


wayne said...

Dan, thanks for wrangling such a great group of posts. I'm amazed at how many terrific, thoughtful people are out there trying to make the workplace less weasel-laden.

Don't let the weasels get you down

Wayne Turmel "The Cranky Middle Manager"

James Higham said...

Carnival of HR? Only at Hallowe'en.