Monday, October 6, 2008

New Partnerships: Bloghounds and JobsOnline

I really enjoy the business development and collaborative aspects of blogging and social networking. I know some people blog purely for the sheer joy of writing, and I really appreciate and respect that. Not me – I fact, I find the creative part hard. I do, however, get a major buzz out of the challenge of marketing the site and building it up. I’ve never started and run a business before, so I guess I’ve discovered a bit of an entrepreneurial itch. And what it’s like to work for $2.00 an hour.

Last week was a busy and productive week for Great Leadership. In addition to preparing for another successful edition of the Leadership Development Carnival (over 70 posts submitted!), I established a couple of new blogging partnerships.

You may have noticed the cute hound dog on my sidebar, and a new “Bloghounds” blogroll. I discovered the Bloghounds through Rick over at Flip Chart Fairy Tales, applied for a membership, and they voted to let me in. The Bloghounds are a friendly, positive, and somewhat eclectic group of bloggers, mostly from the U.K.

They’re from all walks of life, and are committed to supporting each other’s blogs by linking to each other, commenting on each other’s sites, and helping and encouraging each other. I’m honored to be a member and look forward to getting to know some new bloggers. And I just couldn't resist the dog.

I’m also pleased to announce a new partnership with JobsOnline, a start-up online job board.

Here’s a description from the JobOnline site:

“If a job is posted anywhere online, chances are it's in the JobsOnline database. That's because we gather job postings from all over the Internet—niche sites, newspapers, major job boards, and everything in between—and list them for FREE on our site.

The process is simple: create a FREE resume, and we'll instantaneously search thousands of web sites, big and small, to find only those job opportunities that are perfectly suited to you.

Of course, you may not land a new job using our service, but we'll give you the best chance possible to locate that employer that's looking for someone just like you. Try it out. We think you'll be happy with the results. And remember, the JobsOnline service is absolutely FREE.

Who knows—your next boss might be a click away.”

JobsOnline is now an advertiser on Great Leadership (see “Great Partners” links on side bar). We’ll also be exploring other ways to help grow each other’s sites, possibly by trading guest posts.


Deb Acle said...

Welcome to the 'Hounds Dan!

We do seem to be a rather eclectic band (I think 'quirky' is one of the epithets that have been applied to me as well as eclectic!) - but, as you say, a positive and supportive friendly bunch. And between us we do seem to fulfil the 6 degrees of separation thesis.

Very best wishes with your new business - consultancy in leadership tools, techiniques and practice?


Dan McCarthy said...

Thanks, Deb! Quirky is good too.
Actually, the “business” I’m referring to is just my blog. My day job gives me plenty of opportunity to practice what I preach (and is a good source of blog material).

CherryPie said...

Welcome aboard, I look forward to seeing you around :-)

Eclectic me? ;-)