Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Looking for a Few Great Bosses - Free Books Still Up for Grabs!

10/29 update - we have a winner!!

From Michelle Bennett:

Jeff Perkins is the best boss I have ever had. Actually he is more than a boss, he is a leader. He has a unique ability to get inside of everyone’s mind and relate with them on a level that nobody ever can. He is the best teacher I have ever had as well. He was kind enough to share his wealth of knowledge with me and help mold me into a leader that will hopefully be as good as him someday.

Congratulations, Michelle!

Two free books (I even pay shipping) are still up for grabs. I haven't received a single "best Boss" (actually great leader) nomination.

Here's a perfect opportunity to say a few nice words about a current or former leader who's made a difference in your life, just in time for National Bosses Day tomorrow. You can score a few brownie points and save money on a card!

Your nomination may not just be the best entry - it may be the only one. Come on, there must be a few good leaders out there worth mentioning?

Great Leadership's Best Leader Contest

There's a lot of boss bashing going on these days.
Working America, a community affiliate of the AFL-CIO, holds a "bad boss" contest every year in which people tell their bad-boss stories. The three best (worst?) just got published published.
Take a look at the "winners".

There's a site called "badbossology", kind of a resource for strategies on how to cope with a difficult boss, and there's ", with more of the same.

And when I first started this blog, I piled on with my list of the "Worst Leaders of All Time".

Being a manager makes you an easy target. And while I'm sure there are a lot of bad bosses out there, I'll bet there's even more leaders that day in and day out are doing their best to enable their organizations and employees achieve extraordinary results.

So, with National Bosses Day coming up on October 16th, I thought I'd run a "Best Boss" contest. (Actually, it's more of a "best leader" contest, given that "boss" is really a double SOB spelled backwards.)

Please leave a comment or send me an email with a brief description of that leader in your life that enabled you to achieve extraordinary results. Someone who inspired you, helped your grow, and made a difference.

It could be a current or former manager, coach, or anyone in a leadership position.

Please also let me know what you learned from that person about leadership. What did that person do or say that taught you a valuable lesson about leadership that you carry with you today?

I'll select and publish the winner and two runner-ups in time for Boss's Day on October 16.
The winner will receive a set of two recent leadership books (sent to be by the author's publicists):
"Unleashing the Power of Rubber Bands", lessons in non-linear leadership, by Nancy Ortberg,
and "Lead Well and Prosper", 15 strategies for becoming a good manager, by Nick McCormack.

Oh - and win or lose - why not send a note to that person and let them know you nominated them.