Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Finally Made it in Alltop!

Alltop. Seriously?! I got in?
Persistence - and some serious begging - finally paid off. I finally got a listing on Alltop!

Better late than never.

I while back I started noticing that a lot of the blogs I read starting sporting these cool orange and grey Alltop badges. I'd go over and check out Alltop ("all the topics" on the web) and was wowed by the blogs they had gathered under their "Career" category. All my favorites, plus a lot more that have since become favorites.

It's an amazing site. They've not only got all of the most interesting and widely read blogs under each category, but they have an RSS feed that shows you the title of each blog's last few posts. They describe it as a kind of "digital magazine rack".

So I sent them a polite email request - and got a polite response. But weeks later, still no listing. That just seemed to make me want it more. Another email - this time much more persuasive. No response. A couple weeks later, another even more persuasive email. I figured that was the last one - any more might be considered stalking.

Anyway, I'm in! And I get to post the cool badge now.

Go over and check it out - bookmark it - and discover some cool new blogs!


Wally Bock said...

Congratulations, Dan. You certainly deserve to be there. Thanks for your great posts.

Dan McCarthy said...

Wally -
Thanks, I'm in good company (like you!)