Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Great Leadership Selected as #9 in the Talent Management Blog Power Rankings!

I was catching up on three days of email today when I opened up a nice surprise from Kris Dunn, one of my favorite HR bloggers:

"Fistful of Talent (FOT) is proud to announce the first installment of the Talent Management Blog Power Rankings!

The rankings come out on Wednesday morning, and reflect recent blog entries across 103 Talent, HR and Recruiting-related blogs. How do we rank them? Check out the complete Poll Methodology that will also be posted on Wednesday morning... Find the poll and the “science” behind it on Wednesday at

As a result of bringing the crew at FOT aboard, this poll is comprised of professionals working in the field as HR pros, corporate recruiters, 3rd party search professionals and consultants working in the Talent Management industry. In short, they're people just like you, and the poll results reflect the collective view of the team regarding the best blogs in the Talent Management game.

Additionally, all pollsters (click for profiles - Jessica Lee, Maren Hogan, Kelly Dingee, Jennifer McClure, Jason Pankow, Josh Letourneau, Paul Herbert and Kris Dunn) selflessly gave up the right to have their blogs considered for ranking since they are pollsters. That means we can't vote for each other either. At least I think they understood that was part of the game.

In our opinion, the top 25 and those also receiving votes represent the best of the Talent/Recruiting/HR/Human Capital Blogs. Thanks to all listed here for your commitment to the Talent/Recruiting/HR/Human Capital community!"

Thanks, FOT, for picking Great Leadership #9! Be sure to check out the rest of the top 25 too, along with all fo the others that received votes (as well as the panel member's blogs who were not eligible for vote: HR Capitalist, Big O Recruiting, Incentive Intelligence, LG and Associates ).

The best part is, I finally get to post one of those cool "brag badges" on my site. At least until I get bumped from the list.


Totally Consumed said...

Dan, You're ranking is well deserved! Congratulations! ~TC

Dan McCarthy said...

thanks, T,C.!

TheLaw26 said...

Congrats on the award. I just found your blog off google and enjoy the flow. I'm curious to hear your HR spin on different types of business models. For example, is a culture something that is influenced by the business model or vice versa? A book that may be of interest to you...

Lance said...

Congrats Dan. Definitely deserved!

Dan McCarthy said...

thanks, Lance!

Dan McCarthy said...

thelaw26 -
I'm glad you found GLbD and hope you stick around. Your Gotham Tech Minute blog looks pretty good too.
Good question on culture and a company's business model. It’s probably both, right? For a start-up, you’d want alignment between the two. And for a mature company, if you’re going to change either one, you’d better have a plan to deal with the impact on the other.
Which is harder to change? It depends, but in most cases, I’d put my money on culture.
And thanks for the book recommendation.