Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Time is Carnival Time!

Kris Dunn over at The HR Capitalist (one of my favorite blogs) is hosting the 39th Carnival of HR. Check it out and take a look at posts from 36 HR bloggers from around the world. And make sure you bookmark or subscribe to HR Capitalist while you're at it to get the latest and greatest from Kris on a regular basis.

I'll be hosting my second monthly Carnival of Leadership Development right here at Great Leadership on August 2nd. The first Carnival has a big success, with posts from over 30 leadership and leadership development bloggers.

This next Carnival will be even better, as I've reached out to some of my favorite leadership bloggers and asked them for their best stuff.
If you'd like to be a contributor, please submit your post using the carnival submission form by July 26th.

Here are the submission rules:
- Posts must be related to leadership, management, and executive development, leadership, management, coaching, human resources, succession planning, and organizational development
- A “link back” is must to promote this carnival on the web. That is, in order to promote the carnival, it’s important that all contributors write a brief post on their site promoting the carnival and linking back to Carnival site. That way, we all help each other drive traffic to each others sites.
- Please submit one recent (last 2 weeks) post per Carnival, along with a brief (1 line) description

Enjoy the festivities!

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