Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The HR Carnival #38

The HR Carnival #38 is up and running, this time hosted by Natalie Cooper, from Changeboard.

This edition of the Carnival has a corporate social responsibility (CSR) and social justice theme to it. Natalie's taking a leadership role in bringing this issue to our attention. It's a well written and provocative essay, in which she's weaved in articles from an all star line-up of HR bloggers.

Here's her introduction:

I’m currently attending a five month emerging leadership training programme (RealEdge) through an international organisation called Common Purpose and I keep hearing the message from visionary and inspirational leaders who present to us on the course that: 'one person really can make a difference'.
In fact, Nina Simosko, global chief operating officer for the worldwide SAP Education organization (who is involved in a variety of industry associations including the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives, the Professional Area Network for Women, and the Alliance of Technology and Women, United States), summarises after writing her posting: actively managing careers, that: "To truly achieve success, one must actively manage their career and take ownership and responsibility for their personal 'brand'. And leaders must demonstrate their desire to help their employees succeed by assisting in their growth and development."
This is true. My employer's investment in allowing me to attend the RealEdge course has got me thinking about how I can 'help to make a difference'. What’s important to me? What can I do to grow myself as a person and how can I lead change in order to achieve success?
What defines a great leader?
The founder of Common Purpose, chief executive Julia Middleton, believes that leadership is about being able to 'lead beyond authority' while Dan McCarthy, manager of Leadership and Management Development at a Fortune 500 company - a "Great Place to Work" and "Training Top 125" company (United States), in his posting: defining leadership - go ahead, try it, I dare you attempts to define leadership as: "Leadership is the ability to enable people and organizations to achieve extraordinary results". In his posting, Dan encourages you to define leadership yourself and offers some other leadership definitions including:
Roosevelt and Churchill - "they made people believe that the sun would come up the next morning."
and Rudy Giuliani - "what he did for 18 hours on 9/11, and changed the perception of millions of people and the perception of him. That’s what it is all about."
How about Warren Bennis's: "The capacity to create a compelling vision and translate it into action and sustain it. Successful leaders have a vision that other people believe in and treat as their own."
How do I expect to lead change?
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and social justice are currently hot topics and should be issues at the forefront of every HR professional’s mind across the globe. If I can challenge the mindsets, spread the word, open people up to the idea of CSR & social justice, or even encourage one HR professional or any other individual to embed CSR & social justice as part of its organisation's DNA then I will have helped to have 'made that difference'.
Hope that whet your appetite for more, be sure to read the rest!!

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