Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Deadline Extended for the "Real or Fake Leadership Programs" Contest

I'm going to wait a couple more days before I reveal the answers to Monday's "Creative Leadership Program" post. I've gotten some good picks from Breanne , HR Wench, and creativeenergyblog so far.

HR Wench asked if she could get a cookie if she's right. I'm too cheap to send cookies, but I am willing to send a copy of a new book, Epic Change: Leading Change in the Global Age (Wiley/Jossey-Bass 2008). The author, Tim Clark sent me a copy to review. I've just started reading it and it looks pretty good. You'll have to give me another week or so to finish.

I'll award the book (and bragging rights for having the best crap detector) to the FIRST person who leaves a comment correctly identifying the three real programs and two fake ones.

Oh, and try to keep an open mind. The answers - and my opinions may surprise you.

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