Monday, June 23, 2008

Schmoozing the Week Away.....

I'm at a management conference all week in Texas, so I won't have much time to write new posts, respond to comments and email, and all of those other blogging things I usually do in my spare time.

Instead, it's a week's worth of presentations, networking, schmoozing, and maybe a little golf. I told my manager I was going to bring a stack of blank development plans and a supply of leadership books, and try to develop a few leaders while I'm here. I think she thought I was serious.....

I'm hoping this week will provide some good blogging fodder. How about:

- 10 ways to kill time at a management conference

- 10 management conference career killers

- "Resort casual" - what does it really mean?

- 5 ways to end an awkward conversation and save face

- Worst presentation nightmares

- Great last minute hotel gift shop and airport gifts

Hey, this might be a pretty productive blogging week after all!


Anonymous said...


OK--by all means report back on the exact definition of "Resort Casual." That sounds like a week's worth of posts, especially if you get some photos.


Dan McCarthy said...

Steve -
Good idea. There were a lot of ugly Hawaiian shirts.