Saturday, April 5, 2008

Great Leadership has a new look

Great Leadership has a new look! No more boring old standard Blogger template that a thousand other bloggers are using.

Many thanks to Anita Conlon, a colleague of mine from work, for designing the new template. Anita is a web designer who offered to take a look at my blog and offer a few tips. I love what she came up with. She used her creative design and marketing skills to come up with a look that supports the main themes of my site, great leadership and leadership development. (The columns are from the Parthenon).

I’ve also made a few more enhancements, including:
- an expanded Amazon list of recommended leadership and leadership development books
- I added an executive/management job board
- I removed the video feeds on the sidebar, hopefully that should improve the time it takes to load, and instead will feature more videos in my posts and archives
- added a “Daily Dilbert” widget (today’s Dilbert comic)
- expanded my list of recommended blogs, and will continue to do so

It’s a work in progress, so please comment with any feedback on design, layout, or content you’d like to see.

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