Monday, April 14, 2008

CEO Blogs

Yes, even the big dogs are blogging these days. Here’s a list of CEOs and other high-level executives that have their own blogs. I wonder if they use ghostbloggers?

Jonathan Schwartz, “Jonathan’s Blog”, CEO of Sun Microsystems

Bill Marriott, “Marriott on the Move”, CEO of Marriott

Mike Critelli, “Open Mike”, executive chairman of Pitney Bowes

Robert Lutz, “FastLane Blog”, GM vice chairman

David Neeleman, “Flight Log”, chairman of JetBlue Airways

Michael Hyatt, “From Where I sit”, CEO Thomas Nelson Publishers

Are there others?


Michael S. Hyatt said...

This is Mike Hyatt. No ghost bloggers for me. I write every word.

Dan McCarthy said...

Very cool! And a fine blog it is. I just subscribed.
Thanks, Mike!