Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stopping Bad Behaviors instead of Learning New Ones?

I was just about to sit down and write another post about how to learn some new aspect of leadership. I was thinking about something like “The 10 keys to effective performance appraisals” or something like that. Somehow I just couldn’t get motivated. I don’t know, maybe it was the topic. The last thing we need is yet another 10 step performance appraisal guide that no one’s going to pay attention to anyways.
Then I started thinking, maybe it would be more fun to write about how to screw up a performance appraisal. Lord knows I seen enough of them. I’ve screwed up a few of them myself.

So I’m wondering – wouldn’t it be easier to teach leaders how to stop doing something annoying than it is to teach them how to do something new? Not so much the new leaders, who haven’t really developed too many bad habits yet. I’m talking about the experienced "bosses" that have built up a repertoire of bad habits over the years.
I’ve only managed to teach my dog Annie a few useless tricks over the last 14 years – but I’ve taught her how not to do hundreds of bad behaviors! My kids used to think her name was "Annie bad dog".

So I’ll start of series of posts about what not to do as a leader. I’ll base these on intensive study of “The Worst Leaders of All Time”:; the website;
watching reruns of “The Office”; and of course, my own blunders as a manager from the last 20 years.

Please comment if you have any requests for future posts on bad boss behaviors you’d like to see “unlearned”.

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