Saturday, December 1, 2007

THRIVE: Standing On Your Own Two Feet in a Borderless World by Mike Cook

I've had the pleasure of working with Mike and his colleagues from Vitalworks for a couple years now. He's had a profound impact on our company's culture and the development of our leaders. He's recently written an insightful and powerful book - here's an overview:

THRIVE: Standing On Your Own Two Feet in a Borderless World by Mike Cook picks up where Thomas Friedman leaves off in his acclaimed book, The World is Flat. Moving beyond a description of the newly “flattened” world, THRIVE provides approaches to survive—and thrive. The book helps readers of all stripes—from business leaders to employees to students to retirees—to:
Gain a sense of confidence in a borderless world where the most persistent condition is uncertainty.
Stand willingly on your own two feet, not alone, but in collaboration with others
Use practical models and tested techniques to thrive in this paradigm of interdependency.

Interdependence—beyond dependence, beyond independence
Pragmatic and provocative in his approach, Cook invites citizens of the borderless world to investigate the relationships they have with our economic and cultural structures.
Have generations of paternalistic relationships with employers left us waiting for someone else to make our most important life decisions?
Conversely, have we taken on the role of rugged individualist and convinced ourselves that by our unique skills and cunning, we can somehow make it alone?
Neither approach holds up in the borderless world. With insight born of 20 years of helping people and organizations navigate change, Mike Cook suggests a new paradigm—appreciating interdependence—and the skills and behaviors (vision, adaptability, personal accountability) that support it.
Along with his practical guidelines, Cook recommends proven developmental and assessment instruments, and includes resources and reading materials that expand on his ideas and our skill mastery.

Fresh insight—grounded in a broad spectrum of accepted wisdom
Cook draws on traditional thought leaders from W. Edwards Deming to Abraham Maslow. He references transformational leaders including Matthew Fox and the Dalai Lama and advances the ideas of contemporary business writers such as Peter Block, Marcus Buckingham, and Peter Drucker.
Cook’s insight into human and organizational behavior makes THRIVE a compelling read. His advice makes THRIVE invaluable.
Once you’ve read THRIVE, you’ll never see your life or your work environment in the same way again. And you’ll come away with the tools to fashion a life that is rewarding and liberating.
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